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Set up camp at the front, participated in the volunteer center conference, and made arrangements for the activities for the following days.


RFJ team helped setting up the concert stage for a children’s concert, given by a children’s song singer of NHK television, held in M Kindergarden at H area. The kindergarden children's spirits and energy gave us a lot of encouragement. The children seem able to be full of spirit when they are with their group of friends. We felt deep respect for the teachers supporting these children.

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In the afternoon, at the grounds in front of K Hall in the Watanoha area, we offered 500 meal service, outdoor life consultation, medical care and distribution of goods supply such as clothes. The medical care was done in cooperation of Dr. Y of the medical care team. There were many complaints of high blood pressure due to stress, to which Dr. Y attended with care. At the outdoor life consultation, we were able to collect many needs of the victims such as needs for formal wears, face lotions, large size female clothes, and male clothes.


We were able to deliver the goods supply which we had brought into the warehouse in our activity last week (May 8th ) to the victims. The lady victims are able to lift up their feelings by wearing pretty clothes, even though they are second hand. Thanks to the people of Tokyo giving us cooperation, we were able to distribute many lovely ladies’ clothes this day. We were happy to see the victims of the tsunami enjoy the goods.

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